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Hello. I’m a professional massage therapist offering treatments at my premises in Hove with free parking, or in your own home.

 I have an ITEC diploma in Sports Massage, although I use a wide variety of techniques to suit the needs of each individual, whether sports related or not. 

My treatments are very much tailor-made. Initially I offer a consultation and assessment if desired. Specific problem areas can be targeted such as injuries, or more general issues like shoulder and back pain.  Alternatively I also offer more relaxing massage for those who want to just unwind and release tension.

For specific details please see the treatments / FAQ sections.  My testimonials are genuine and verifiable on request. Feel free to contact me to arrange a booking or if you have any further questions.

COVID: I am reopen from April 12th and I operate in line with government rules and FHT safety guidelines.

For a limited period I am offering £7 off 1 hour treatments in my premises

I promise you a great massage... every single time.



Prices will vary for home visits. Please enquire.


Sports massage can benefit those engaged in regular physical activity, whether that be sport or not.

It helps correct problems caused by repetitive or over use of muscles and by injury.

Sports massage also helps to prevent injury and enhance movement by keeping muscles malleable and healthy.

Pre-event sports massage stimulates nerves and muscles.

It improves circulation and releases tension helping to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Post-event massage oxygenates tired muscles through increased blood flow and helps drain out waste products produced by activity. This will aid recovery and help reduce muscle soreness that can follow exercise.

One hour: £45 

30 minutes £25

Initial assessment and 30 minute taster massage £28

Pre or Post-event 20 minutes: £20

Pre and Post-event booked together: £35


Muscle tension, aches and pains are things most of us suffer from at times.These are often caused by bad posture or repetitive muscle use. Fascia can become tight, restricting movement which can cause you discomfort and pain especially in the back, neck and shoulders. The initial assessment I undertake is designed to identify these issues.

I initially warm up and relax your fascia and muscles. Then go onto deep tissue massage techniques to release tension, free "knots" and treat any trigger points I find which cause pain. Deep tissue should not be painful and is done with care. 

One hour: £45

30 minutes £25

Currently all one hour treatments are reduced to £38 


Relaxing massage is about pleasure but is beneficial for both the mind and body. Stress releases self protection hormones and too much of it can have a negative effect on the body. 

I use relaxing massage techniques that will help you unwind and feel good. But will also have the benefit of improving your circulation and muscle health as well as lowering your stress level. You will also feel more malleable generally.  

I can combine your relaxing massage with some deeper tissue where necessary if you would like me to. 

Back and Shoulders (half-hour): £25

Full body (one hour): £45

90 minutes £65


I was apprehensive about having a massage until I met Jon.  He made me feel at ease immediately. He relieved a lot of tension in my shoulders and I would heartily recommend him as a masseur.

Jill, Worthing

I was experiencing discomfort in my left Hamstrings. When Jon worked on this area it felt like an effective release of pressure.  It was great.

Jon answered all my questions during the massage and described what he was going to do next.  

He was really good all through the session. 

Lawrence,  Hove

I arrived today in agony, quite literally. Jon made sure I was comfortable and explained what he was doing all the way through.

By the time we finished I had full movement back and a 90% pain improvement. Thank you so much!

Lauren, Saltdean

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